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by Johnson, O.A.
Published 1974
Springer Netherlands
... of human belief of most importance to the epistemologist are knowledge and what I shall call in the book...

by Finocchiaro, Maurice A.
Published 2009
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... Reasons? -- Galileo as a Bad Theologian? -- Galileo as a Bad Epistemologist? -- Galileo as a Symbol...

by Meyerson, Émile
Published 1985
Springer Netherlands
...: " . . . the role of the epistemologist is . . . in following the development of science" (250); the study...

by Schupbach, Jonah N.
Published 2022
Cambridge University Press
... and complications that lie in wait for the Bayesian epistemologist. Section 3 applies the formal tools...

by Di Stasio, Margherita
Published 2011
Firenze University Press
... as an epistemologist. This reconstruction of his work places him in broader contemporary debates on various subjects...

by Aumiller, Rachel
Published 2021
De Gruyter
...Scepticism claims that there is always something that slips through the epistemologist...

by Alspector-Kelly, Marc
Published 2019
Cambridge University Press
... that is widely endorsed by contemporary epistemologists. Against Knowledge Closure is the first book-length...

by O'Donohue, William
Published 2013
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: ...: Three Other Key Evolutionary Epistemologists: Campbell, Quine and Skinner -- Special Topic II: Popper’s...

Published 1987
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... Epistemologist: The Problem of Intentionality -- Wilfrid Sellars on the Nature of Thought -- II / The Use...

Published 1994
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... Epistemologists -- Davidson and Quine on Observation Sentences -- Events and Externalism -- Conceptual Relativism...

Published 2012
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... Critical Review of Representative Sources on Multi-Cultural Epistemology; D.C. Phillips._Epistemologists...

by van Gigch, John P.
Published 2003
Springer US
... inquiring systems where the manager, the engineer, the scientist, the lawyer, the epistemologist...

Published 1997
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ...: Medicine and Postmodernism -- What can the Epistemologists Learn from the Endocrinologists...

by Briggs, William
Published 2016
Springer International Publishing

by Spatz, Ben
Published 2020
Punctum Books
... epistemologist Hans-Jörg Rheinberger and philosopher of science Karen Barad to offer the first rigorous...

Published 1986
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... of an Epistemologist of the Sciences: Ludwik Fleck’s Professional Outlook and its Relationships to his Philosophical...

Published 1989
Springer Netherlands
..., and I doubt that any epistemologist would deny that they are presently the two leading proponents...

Published 2019
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: ... by Barbara Larson -- Panofsky as Epistemologist by Nathalie Heinich -- Art and Science in the Thinking...

Published 2011
Springer Netherlands
.... Many contributions capture the current engagement of feminist epistemologists with the insights...

by Râecanati, Franðcois
Published 2007
Oxford University Press
... and linguistics, as well as philosophers of mind epistemologists, and psychologists and cognitive scientists...