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by Zapf, Hubert
Published 2016
Bloomsbury Academic
... as Cultural Ecology: Sustainable Texts outlines a new approach to the reading of literary texts. Hubert Zapf...

by Henry, Donald O.
Published 1995
Springer US
... and evolutionary aspects of the cultural ecology of the prehistoric inhabitants of southern Jordan. This study...

by Chen, Wenxin
Published 2023
Palgrave Macmillan
... the perspective of restoring the cultural ecology of imperial examinations in Ming China, breaking through...

Published 2023
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: ...1 Introduction:Emergent Cultural Ecologies in Social Robotics -- Part I: Human Futures -- 2 Social...

by Hasse, Cathrine
Published 2015
Springer Netherlands
... they write their texts. It explains how they learn to engage with other people’s cultural ecologies...

by Asch, Patsy
Published 1983
Documentary Educational Resources

by Willems, Harco
Published 2017
transcript Verlag
Subjects: ...Cultural Ecology...

Published 2020
Fondazione Università Ca' Foscari
Subjects: ... Documentazione sulla Cultura ,Caucasus,Icons,Armenian art,Repatriation movement,Cultural Ecology,Nakhchivan...

Published 1980
Springer US
Table of Contents: ..., Problems, Applications -- 3 Cultural Ecology and Individual Behavior -- 4 Personal Space, Crowding...

by Pachler, Norbert, Bachmair, Ben, Cook, John
Published 2010
Springer US
Table of Contents: ... -- Cases of Mobile Learning -- Whither a Socio-Cultural Ecology of Learning with Mobile Devices -- Mobile...

by Erlandson, Jon M.
Published 1994
Springer US
Table of Contents: ... Holocene Adaptations of the Santa Barbara Channel -- Early Holocene Cultural Ecology on the California...

by Matamanda, Abraham R., Chirisa, Innocent, Rammile, Siphokazi, Marais, Mario
Published 2022
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: ... and Technology -- 5. Socio-Cultural, Ecological and Economic Issues in Housing and Technology, and the Politics...

by Jemelka, Petr
Published 2021
Masaryk University Press
... of ecology as a scientific field. The next chapters deal with cultural ecology and nature conservation issues...

by Code, Allen
Published 1993
Documentary Educational Resources (DER)
... provides an excellent introduction to complex issues of politics, land rights, cultural ecology...

by Adji, Alberta Natasia
Published 2024
Palgrave Macmillan
Table of Contents: ... Vlogging, Cultural Ecology and the Digital Archiving of Rural Community -- 4 Jonna Jinton: Ecospiritualty...

Published 2018
Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies
Table of Contents: ...Cover; Contents; Introduction; Healing Through Culture; Ecological Amnesia; Climate Tales; Making...

by Chen, Dongsheng
Published 2023
Springer Nature Singapore
..., and cultural ecology of the society. It is of interest to the readers in business and policy-making...

Published 1985
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... in India: A Case Study of Ghaghara Zone -- 6 A Cultural Ecological Appraisal of Refugee Resettlement...

Published 2016
ANU Press
Table of Contents: ... / Gloria Davies - Forum : nourishment - Culture : cleaning up / Linda Jaivin - A new cultural ecology...