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by Hafner, Jürgen
Published 1987
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
..., the metallurgist, the physical chemist, but also the experimen­ tal and theoretical condensed-matter physicist...

by Glikin, Arkady Eduardovich
Published 2009
Springer Netherlands
... interaction in polymineral systems. Polymineral-Metasomatic Crystallogenesis is designed for chemists...

by Chen, Chuangtian
Published 2012
... physicists, materials scientists, solid state chemists, manufacturers of optoelectronic devices, and those...

Published 1995
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... is the perfect textbook for students and teachers alike. In fact, it can be used by crystallographers, chemists...

by In-Hang, Shih-Lin
Published 1984
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... of condensed-matter physicists, chemists and material scientists toward this particular phenomenon...

by Venkataraman, Ganesan, Sahoo, Debendranath, Balakrishnan, Venkataraman
Published 1989
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... not only to experimental physicists, but also to chemists, materials scientists, metallurgists...

by Kitaigorodsky, A. I.
Published 1984
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... employed by biologists to describe the structure of cell membranes and by chemists who use it to denote...

by Evarestov, Robert A., Smirnov, Vyacheslav P.
Published 1993
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
.... In such cases the real-space approach favored by chemists to describe molecules has turned out to be very useful...