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by Wharton, Edith
University of Virginia Library
Subjects: ...Art historians...

by Penkert, Sibylle
Published 1969
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
Subjects: ...Art historians / Germany / Biography...

by Gauna, Chiara
Published 2003
L. S. Olschki
Subjects: ...Art historians / Italy / Biography...

Published 2005
École française de Rome

by Antal, Frederick
Published 1986
Harvard University Press
...Main description: An eminent art historian gives us here a full account of the history...

by Swan, Glenda
Published 2023
Palgrave Macmillan
... experiences as an art historian of ancient art who instructs a wide variety of undergraduates. In addition...

by Thompson, Krista A.
Published 2015
Duke University Press
...Art historian Krista Thompson analyzes photographic practices in the Caribbean and the United...

by Harloe, Katherine
Published 2013
Oxford University Press
... of the art historian Johann Joachim Winckelmann between his death in 1768 and the end of the century...

by Krüger, Anna
Published 2021
KIT Scientific Publishing
...In four detailed and richly illustrated chapters, art historian Anna Krüger examines the life...

Published 2023
Palgrave Macmillan
Table of Contents: ..., curator and art historian, Executive Director of the Kolodzei Art Foundation, Russia -- 6 Liminal Space...

Published 2012
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... a museum director and an art historian, Neuromedia provides the background for readers about...

by Schlachetzki, Sarah M.
Published 2012
De Gruyter
...Biographical note: Sarah M. Schlachetzki (Dr. phil.) is an art historian and has taught...

by Sondheim, Alan
Published 2022
Punctum Books
... is prefaced by a text from Maria Damon and followed by an extensive interview with art historian Ryan Whyte...

Published 1999
Springer Netherlands
... with regard to art collecting, from the memory of the art historian to workshop practices, from art...

by Brabant, Dominik
Published 2017
Modern Academic Publishing
..., the art historian's strategy of emphatically denying the disturbing aesthetic effects of some of Rodin...

by Murdoch, Tessa
Published 2015
UCL Press
...This book celebrates the work and career of the internationally renowned art historian, David...

Published 2022
Australian National University Press
... and everyday life. In the 1970s, Sanento Yuliman, Indonesia's foremost art historian of the late twentieth...

by Elizabeth Gagliardi, Susan
Published 2023
Indiana University Press
...? In Seeing the Unseen, art historian Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi examines tensions between the seen and unseen...

by Sondheim, Alan
Published 2022
punctum books
... is prefaced by a text from Maria Damon and followed by an extensive interview with art historian Ryan Whyte....

by Dessì, Giuseppe
Published 2012
Firenze University Press
..., Raffaello Delogu was an art historian and Commissioner for Antiquities and Monuments in Sardinia, Abruzzo...