by Lee, Don-Hee, Kwak, Sam-Geun, Kim, Jae-Woong, Park, Dong-Joon
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... of Education at Seoul National University, South Korea. Dr. am-Geun Kwak is a professor of Education at Ewha...

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...Examining South Korea's robust economic development and rapid capital formation, this book assesses...

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...A broad view of the many current trends in South Korea's expanding trade and diplomatic relations...

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...Drawing from decades of research on South Korea’s compressed modernity, Chang Kyung-Sup provides...

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Table of Contents: ... Affective Promise for "Solidarity" Mun Young Cho, Yonsei University, South Korea -- 6. The Education Welfare...

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...This study examines biotechnology in the newly industrializing countries of Singapore, South Korea...

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Table of Contents: ... Governmentality: Glocalization of American Sports in South Korea -- Sport and Crisis of Nation under Globalization...

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... cosmopolitan subculture of student cinephiles in neoliberal South Korea makes the nation’s film culture more...

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Table of Contents: ... and Democracy in South Korea: A Comparative Perspective -- 3. Between the Internal Struggle and Electoral Rules...

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Table of Contents: ... -- Electoral democracy and the role of the electoral management body in South Korea -- Rediscovering Korea...

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Table of Contents: ... in South Korea: History, Institutions, and Quantitative Overview -- Chapter 6. Japan and Traditional Donors...

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Table of Contents: ... between desired and actual/expected number of children in Japan and South Korea (Jihey Bae) -- 3. Lowest...

by Chung, Woojin
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...For years, South Korea presented the puzzling phenomenon of steeply rising sex ratios at birth...