Published 1994
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... interpretation of the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific. Dr Dockrill, the author of Britain's Policy...

by Rahman, Mahfuzur
Published 2002
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Table of Contents: '; ...1 The World Economy Since the Second World War -- 2 A Plethora of Issues -- 3 Stability and Growth...

by Ceadel, Martin
Published 2000
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... definitive historical analysis of its era of maturity - from the Crimean War to the Second World War...

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Published 2007
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... the relations between the United States and Nicaragua during the Depression and the Second World War...

by Aunesluoma, Juhana
Published 2003
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...'s, relationship was forged with the Western powers after the Second World War. He argues that during the early...

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Published 2000
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... to be shaped by the particular character of the international settlement at the end of the Second World War...

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... after the First World War, Japan after the Second World War, and Russia after the Cold War...

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Published 2014
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Published 2014
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... them, her legacy. Part 1 describes her growing up during the Great Depression and the Second World War...

Published 2017
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...The global system of alliances that the United States built after the Second World War underpinned...

Published 2017
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Table of Contents: '; ... Bases as Concentration Camps : The Role of National Socialism, the Second World War, and the Holocaust...

by Rasmussen, Mikkel Vedby
Published 2003
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... following the First and Second World Wars defined the West. In turn, the difficulties in applying...