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by Dykinga, Jack W.
Published 2017
Rocky Nook
... Dykinga. Early in Jack's career as a photojournalist he won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography. He...

by Samuels, Ernest
Published 1964
Harvard University Press
..., Emeritus, Northwestern University and winner of a Pulitzer Prize for Biography...

by Smith, Brian
Published 2013
New Riders
...Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Smith's "12-step program" to great portrait photography--...

by Baird-Middleton, Bruce
Published 1987
Documentary Educational Resources
... the world for his social anthropological work with children. A Pulitzer Prize-winning author, he has written...

Published 2010
Palgrave Macmillan US
.... beginning with José Martí and concluding with 2008 Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, Junot Díaz...

by Burns, James MacGregor
Published 2015
Tantor Media
...Pulitzer Prize-winning historian James MacGregor Burns devoted his legendary career to the study...

by Butler, Robert Olen
Published 2023
Tantor Media, Inc.
...The Pulitzer Prize-winning author "shares his insights into-and passion for-the creation...

by Goethals, George R.
Published 2006
Edward Elgar

by Donovan, Jeremey
Published 2013
..., Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Executive Editor/Projects and Investigations for Bloomberg News...

by Fantarella, Filomena
Published 2023
Palgrave Macmillan
... of the Pulitzer Prize (2015) Gaetano Salvemini (1873 - 1957), one of the most influential Italian intellectuals...

Published 2021
Springer Nature Singapore
... and acceleration of the world that is taking place in recent times as reported by 3 times Pulitzer Prize Winner...

by Briscoe, James R.
Published 1986
Indiana University Press
...); the most recent is the first movement of Ellen Zwilich's Symphony No. 1, which received the Pulitzer Prize...

by Farace, Joe, Staver, Barry
Published 2008
... Joe Farace and Pulitzer Prize winner Barry Staver use real-world examples of their own images to give...

by Stavans, Ilan
Published 2018
State University of New York Press
... work reinvents oneself in another tongue. The volume includes tête-à-têtes with Pulitzer Prize-winner...

by Veggian, Henry
Published 2015
The University of South Carolina Press
... his breakthrough work White Noise (1985) and Pulitzer Prize finalists Mao II (1992) and Underworld...

by Doggett, Frank
Published 2020
Johns Hopkins University Press
... Stevens was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry in 1955. From 1916 to his death in 1955 he was associated...

by Laforet, Vincent
Published 2012
New Riders
... - Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and voted one of the "100 Most Influential People in Photography...

Published 2022
Springer Nature Singapore
... and acceleration of the world that is taking place in recent times as reported by 3 times Pulitzer Prize Winner...

by Hackworth, Jason
Published 2019
Columbia University Press

by Santayana, George
Published 2006
MIT Press
... with Lowell--which began when the younger writer sent Santayana a copy of his Pulitzer Prize-winning Lord...