by Perletta, Giorgia
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Table of Contents: ...Introduction: Concepts and terms of political radicalism in 20th century Iran -- Chapter 1: Beyond...

Published 2023
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...Studies in political radicalization: historical and comparative perspectives...

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Table of Contents: ...1 London in 1800 -- 2 James Parkinson: A Biographical Overview -- 3 The Political Radical -- 4...

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... shows, in the aesthetic and political radicalism of the avant-garde movements in response to the crisis...

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Table of Contents: ... of Education, 1960–1980 -- The Reaction to Political Radicalism and the Popularisation of Political Economy...

by Bortun, Vladimir
Published 2023
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... in the radical left, transnational cooperation, political radicalism and European politics." —Dr. Dan Keith...

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Table of Contents: ... status and labour market -- On the social impact of youth unemployment: political radicalization and a...

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Table of Contents: ... -- Haiti and Caribbean Political Radicalism -- Revolutionary Privateering -- Conclusion -- Works Cited...

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...Taking its cue from the renewed interest in theology among Marxist and politically radical...

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... baseball in Jim Crow America, this text explores how Jewish sports entrepreneurs political radicals & a...

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... been untold—until now. In Digital Cash, Finn Brunton reveals how technological utopians and political...

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... of politically radical biblical interpretation in parliamentary politics and the victory of (a modified form...

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... history has been marked by processes of political radicalization, dictatorships, authoritarianism...

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.... In order to explore this, the skeletal remains of the children buried at the small, local, yet politically...

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