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... in Washington, D. C. from 16 - 20 June 1975 under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation...

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... of the National Science Foundation and the Min­ nesota Supercomputer Institute made the workshop possible. A vner...

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... initiated its Environmental Program in early 1970 under a grant from the National Science Foundation...

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... by the U. S. -Japan Cooperative Science Program, jointly supported by the National Science Foundation...

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... Science Foundation, and by the University of Rochester. A special contribution from the Oliver...

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..., and the National Science Foundation IndustrylUniversity Cooperative Research Centers. This year's Review...

by Daganzo, Carlos F.
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.... The financial support of the National Science Foundation and the Volvo Foundations Center of Excellence...

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..., and Computational Intelligence consists of chapters based on work presented at a National Science Foundation...

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... in the realms of wireless networks and mobile computing. The material includes a report to the National Science...

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... Science Foundation review panels. He regularly teaches courses on time series analysis at various...

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... class. Based on research funded by the National Science Foundation, this book brings together some...

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