Published 2017
The World Bank
... presidential vacancy, and the subsequent formation of a national unity government have generated hope...

Published 2008
International Monetary Fund
... stalemate and repeated outbreaks of domestic fighting until the formation of a national unity government...

Published 2011
International Monetary Fund
... disbursements under the SBA to an amount equivalent to SDR 17.5 billion. The creation of a national unity...

Published 2023
Springer Nature Singapore
Table of Contents: ... Dictatorship -- Chapter 13 The National Unity Government: Legitimacy and Recognition -- Chapter 14 Japan’s...

Published 2019
International Monetary Fund
... national unity government. A relapse into war in mid-2016 spread insecurity across the country and severely...

Published 2023
International Monetary Fund
... subsidies broadly kept inflationary pressures suppressed in 2022. Meanwhile, the new national unity...

Published 2018
International Monetary Fund
..., 2018. The conference aims to review reform progress, showcase the National Unity Government’s...

Published 2023
ANU Press
... welfare and aid delivery, activism from exile, self-determination and power sharing in the National Unity...