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Published 1982
Springer US
Table of Contents: ... Passionate Love, Companionate Love, and Intimacy -- 18 Intimacy among Friends and Lovers -- 19 Attachment...

by Took, John F.
Published 2020
Princeton University Press
Table of Contents: .... Preliminary Remarks: Love and Love- Intelligence -- Chapter 2. Literary Hinterland: From Provençal...

by Dryden, John
Published 1768
printed for Jacob Tonson in the Strand

by Lange, Katrin
Published 2001
Peter Lang International Academic Publishing Group
... as constituting the text. Their characteristic is the shift from (love) semantics to a specific (love) rhetoric...

by Whitcomb, Cynthia
Published 2017
Table of Contents: ...19 The Pressure Cooker Effect20 Specificity: One of a Kind; 21 Baby Love: Underage Love Stories; 22...

by Lysaker, Odin
Published 2024
Taylor & Francis
...: ecological love. To love ecologically means caring for and encountering all existence on the Earth...

Published 2019
ANU Press
Table of Contents: ...' in Xinjiang; Forum · Directing the Way; Raising the Flag: Loving Religion, Loving the State; Rapprochement...

by Lucas, Peter
Published 2011
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ....-        7.3.2 Love, and love’s fragility.-       7.3.3 Sadism and sexual desire.-       7.4 Non-complementarity...

by Cherchi, Paolo
Published 2024
...', and the Adonis was a poem centred on erotic love: thus love's link to morality died, and a new one was born...

by Clatworthy, Simon
Published 2019
Table of Contents: ...; Endnotes; 5. Organizing for Experience Centricity; Doing What You Love, and Loving What You Do; Who Owns...

by Bryson, Michael, Movsesian, Arpi
Published 2017
Open Book Publishers
Table of Contents: ... Critics ; I. The Poetry of Love ; II. Love's Nemesis: Demands for Obedience ; III. Love's Critics...

Published 1985
Springer US
Table of Contents: ... -- Loss of Love -- Keeping Love Alive -- Summary and Conclusion -- References -- 3. Marriage: Rational...

by Naidu, Yamini
Published 2016
John Wiley and Sons Australia
Table of Contents: ... of love bombs -- Love is appreciation -- Windows and mirrors -- Love frames -- Hearts and minds -- Chapter...

by Rosenfield, Kim
Published 2023
Punctum Books
... loves (and loves to infiltrate) the language of systems: lists, tables, trees, graphs, catalogs...