by Elster, Charlotte
Published 2004
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... Plasma -- Heavy-Quark Physics -- Editorial -- The Publishing Policy of the European Physical Journal A....

by Fischer, Klaus
Published 1993
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... Emigrants’ Scientific Achievement: Temporal Order, Social Stratification, and Type of Journal -- E...

Published 2014
Springer Netherlands
... at IGISOL. Previously published in the journals Hyperfine Interactions and European Physical Journal A....

by Gillberg, Dag
Published 2011
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... journal in the field of experimental particle physics. It was further made an “editor’s choice...

by Kadomtsev, Acad. B. B.
Published 1992
Springer US
... in the most recent volumes to appear (Volumes 14-16), are no exception.'' --- Journal of Plasma Physics, from...

by Dobado Gonzalez, Antonio
Published 2007
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... contributions of QNP 2006 have been published in The European Physical Journal A - Hadrons and Nuclei (EPJ A...

Published 2014
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... to the experimental facilities. Previously published in the journal Hyperfine Interactions...

Published 2014
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....  The contributions to this book have been previously published in The European Physical Journal C - Particles...

by Wade, Christopher G.
Published 2018
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... in journals including Nature Photonics and the Physical Review, and has sparked industry interest, becoming...

by Makhankov, Vladmir G., Rybakov, Yurii P., Sanyuk, Valerii I.
Published 1993
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...The December 1988 issue of the International Journal of Modern Physics A is dedicated to the memory...

by Bodansky, David
Published 2005
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... Journal of Physics...

by Thoennessen, Michael
Published 2016
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... in the journal "Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables". The work re-evaluates all assignments judging them with a...

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Published 2018
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..., and is either spread out over numerous journal publications, or covered in long and technical monographs...

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... with thousands of references made to an array of highly regarded scientific journals. -- The book is divided...

by Bliokh, Pavel, Sinitsin, Victor, Yaroshenko, Victoria
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... impressive. Recently, a few surveys and special journal issues have appeared. Time has come to integrate some...