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Published 2023
Palgrave Macmillan
... unveils the importance of John Ruskin’s writing for today’s audience, and allies it with the dynamism...

by Ruskin, John
Project Gutenberg

by Stein, Roger B.
Published 1967
Harvard University Press

by Ruskin, John
Project Gutenberg

by Spurr, David A.
Published 2012
University of Michigan Press
Subjects: ...John Ruskin...

by L. Throesch, Elizabeth
Published 2017
Anthem Press
Subjects: ...John Ruskin...

by Hartley, Lucy
Published 2017
Cambridge University Press
Table of Contents: ... Arts Commission, and the Reform of Taste; 2. Reconstituting publics for art: John Ruskin and the Appeal...

by Kaplan, Paul H. D.
Published 2020
The Pennsylvania State University Press
Table of Contents: ... and slavery in the correspondence of John Ruskin and Charles Eliot Norton -- Old masters : the Western...

by Perosa, Sergio
Published 2001
L. S. Olschki

Published 2013
Anthem Press
Table of Contents: ... Flower ... No Such Thing as a Man': John Ruskin's Response to Darwin -- Clive Wilmer; Chapter 8: Darwin...

by Eagles, Stuart
Published 2011
Oxford University Press
... art and social critic John Ruskin (1819-1900). It explains how he inspired leading activists...

by Johnston, William M.
Published 1967
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... of R. G. Collingwood’s Career and Major Interests -- II. John Ruskin as an Inspiration for W. G...

by Temperley, Nicholas
Published 1989
Indiana University Press
... concerned many Victorian writers and thinkers. Among them was John Ruskin, whose ideas and musical...

by Richardson, Shelley
Published 2016
ANU Press
... that shaped these family experiments may be placed on a continuum that extends from John Ruskin's concept...

by Zografos, Stamatis
Published 2019
UCL Press
Table of Contents: ... theory; Viollet-Le-Duc and the restoration movement; Restoration in Britain; John Ruskin's conservation...

by Ziolkowski, Jan M.
Published 2018
Open Book Publisher
Table of Contents: ...Goths and the Meanings of Gothic(k)John Ruskin and William Morris; Richardsonian Romanesque; Saint...

Published 1994
Springer Netherlands
...) mentioned only late (by th John Ruskin in his "Elements of drawing" of the mid 19 c) is the splitting of a...

by Lindeberg, Tony
Published 1994
Springer US
.... Artistic generalization has been analyzed in surprising detail by John Ruskin (in his Modern Painters), who...

Published 2000
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... of Creation -- Heaven’s Angels with Grinding Organs: John Ruskin’s Idea of Life -- Du Mortel a l’Impossible...