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by Franceschini, Ivan
Published 2018
ANU Press
Table of Contents: ...Gilded age – January-March 2017 – April-June 2017 – July-September 2017 – October-December 2017 – A...

by Doell, M. Christine Klim
Published 1986
Syracuse University Press
Table of Contents: ...Gardens of the Gilded Age -- The influence of style and dilemma of taste -- Verdant frames...

by Knight, Peter
Published 2016
Johns Hopkins University Press
... the Gilded Age origins and development of this peculiar interest. He tracks the historic shift in market...

by Albrecht, Henning
Published 2019
Hamburg University Press

by Wendler, Philipp
Published 2022
Hamburg University Press
Subjects: ...Gilded Age...

by Giacomelli, Joseph
Published 2023
University of Chicago Press
... new: as far back as Gilded Age America, climate uncertainty has infused major debates on economic...

by Hanes, Christopher
Published 2012
Table of Contents: ... fortunes of the Gilded Age and the Crisis of 1893 / Hugh Rockoff...

by Crowe, Justin
Published 2012
Princeton University Press
Table of Contents: ... and Jacksonian democracy : reorganization -- The Civil War and reconstruction : empowerment -- The Gilded Age...

by Burns, David
Published 2013
Oxford University Press
... of biblical criticism to mount a serious challenge to the authority of elite liberal divines during the Gilded...

by Bronner, Simon J.
Published 1998
Utah State University Press
Table of Contents: ...The problem of tradition -- Folklore and ideology during the Gilded Age -- The English connection...

by Sklansky, Jeffrey
Published 2017
University of Chicago Press
Table of Contents: ... of association in the Gilded Age and progressive era -- Charles Macune and the currency of cooperation -- Charles...

by Ambrosius, Lloyd E.
Published 2017
Cambridge University Press
Table of Contents: ...U.S. military and diplomatic affairs during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era -- Making the world...

by Cohen, Nancy
Published 2002
University of North Carolina Press
Table of Contents: ... liberalism -- Mastering progressive democracy : the legacy of the Gilded age reconstruction of American...

by Lubell, Michael S.
Published 2019
Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier
Table of Contents: ...The early years 1787-1860 -- The Civil War era and its legacy years 1860-1870 -- The Gilded Age...

by Bunge, Nancy
Published 2024
Palgrave Macmillan
Table of Contents: .... William Wheeler Synthesizes Ojibwe and Gilded Age Values -- Chpater 8. Hattie Wheeler’s Writing Succeeds...

by Ostry, Jonathan David
Published 2019
Columbia University Press
... Gilded Age....

by McLennan, Rebecca M.
Published 2008
Cambridge University Press
Table of Contents: ... -- Commerce upon the throne : the business of imprisonment in Gilded Age America -- Disciplining the state...

by Sawyer, Laura Phillips
Published 2018
Cambridge University Press
... with the legacy of Gilded Age of laissez-faire capitalism produced the modern American regulatory state...

by Vedder, Richard K.
Published 1997
New York University Press
Table of Contents: .... The Gilded Age -- 5. From New Era to New Deal -- 6. The banking crisis and the labor market -- 7. The New...