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by Quan, Long
Published 2010
Springer US
... INRIA, and has been a CNRS researcher at INRIA. Professor Quan is a Fellow of the IEEE Computer Society...

Published 2013
Springer London
... at the University of Venice, Italy. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and of the IAPR....

by Chen, Wai-Kai
Published 2005
Elsevier Academic Press
... Society, and the Third Millennium Medal from the IEEE. Professor Chen is a fellow of the IEEE...

by Xu, Zhong, Xiong, Frank F.
Published 2017
Springer Nature Singapore
....” James E. Thompson, Prof. Fellow of the IEEE Dean of Engineering Emeritus University of Missouri...

by Campbell, Stephen L., Chancelier, Jean-Philippe, Nikoukhah, Ramine
Published 2010
Springer New York
... University, a fellow of the IEEE, and has published extensively on numerical methods and control. Jean...

by Svelto, Orazio
Published 2010
Springer US

Published 2010
Springer US
... editor of the DMKD Journal. He is a fellow of the IEEE, and a life-member of the ACM. Haixun Wang...

by Plonsey, Robert, Barr, Roger C.
Published 2007
Springer US

Published 2020
Springer International Publishing
.... Dr. Zomaya is a Fellow of the IEEE, the American Association for the Advancement of Science...