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...This is a study of the histories of the English Civil War or some aspects of it written in England...

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...This is a dedicated study of the practice of changing sides during the English civil wars...

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Table of Contents: '; ...Socinianism and scholarship -- Royalists, Socinianism and the English Civil War -- Socinianism...

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Table of Contents: '; ... and Allegiance in the Three Kingdoms, 1637-42 -- The Outbreak of the English Civil War: August 1642-September...

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Table of Contents: '; ..., liberty, and the English Civil War : John Lilburne's prison experience, the Levellers and freedom / D...

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Table of Contents: '; ... of the English Civil War Era -- Margaret Cavendish and the False Universal -- The Social and Political Thought...

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Printed in the year 1646. And now Reprinted, and sold by John Morphew near Stationers-Hall

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printed in the year 1643. And re-printed and sold by J. Baker at the Black Boy in Pater-Noster-Row

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...—instruments crucial to the advance of astronomy—was killed in the English Civil War. His name is now known...

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... millennial expectations of the English Civil War appeared to recede. By the end of the eighteenth century...

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Table of Contents: '; ... -- Chapter 141. The Beginnings of the English Civil War -- Chapter 142. The English Revolution—"Civil War...

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