by Chen, John Z. Ming, Ji, Yuhua
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Table of Contents: ... Realist Novel.- Chapter 1 Theorizing English-Canadian Social Realism -- Chapter 2 Metropolis in Contrast...

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..., and translation of English Canadian literature in Spain. Given the size of the world's Spanish-speaking population...

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... in English of the conflict between French and English Canadians provides a thorough treatment of French...

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...This work is a comparative study of nineteenth-century English-Canadian and French­ Canadian novel...

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... as they emerge in contemporary English Canadian philosophical thought, seeking to prepare the groundwork for a...

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Published 2012
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... as a historian in the field of English-Canadian women's suffrage, Bacchi has made innovative...

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... and other Canadian languages and to American English, its status as the expressive medium of English...

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...Language Ideologies and Canadian Media explores how French and English Canadian media discuss...

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... and agendas. St-Denis situates Brock’s portraits within an emerging English Canadian imperial nationalism...