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... disorientation of our environment under the influence of man. Better information on the Earth's natural systems...

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Published 2022
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Table of Contents: ...Introduction to Earthen structures -- Soils -- Soil stabilisation -- Stabilised earth block...

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Subjects: ...Earth System Sciences...

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Table of Contents: ...Irrelevance of the Hydrostatics Model and the Earth’s Dynamic Equilibrium -- Fundamentals...

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Table of Contents: ... Landscapes -- XIV: Political Organization of Space -- XV: Earth and Planetary Engineering...

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Subjects: ...Earth Sciences, general...

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Subjects: ...Earth, Space & Environmental Sciences...

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Table of Contents: ... -- 11. Earth Stewardship: An Initiative by the Ecological Society of America to Foster Engagement...

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... educational resource for every university student enrolled in courses related with earth surface processes...

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...? In Sustaining Earth, leading scientists describe and explain the principal environmental threats...

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Table of Contents: ...New Ways to Study the Earth’s Plasmasphere -- Plasmaspheric Density Structures and Dynamics...

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Table of Contents: ...The Earth’s Magnetic Field -- Basic Principles of Rock Magnetism -- Magnetic Prospecting...

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Table of Contents: ...Narrow band thermoluminescence (candoluminescence) of rare earths in auer mantles -- The structure...

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Table of Contents: ...Structural systematics in actinide fluoride complexes -- Spectra and energy transfer of rare earths...

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Table of Contents: ...-Ages -- The periodicity of climates -- The earth’s normal climate -- The abnormal character of present...