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by Mody, Ashoka
Published 2009
International Monetary Fund
... with the nationalization of Anglo Irish: sovereign spreads throughout the eurozone jumped, with the jump emphasizing...

by Baker, Gregory
Published 2022
Cambridge University Press
Table of Contents: ... vernacular"? Yeats, Hellenism and the Anglo-Irish Nation -- "Hellenise it." Joyce and the Mistranslation...

by Kissane, Bill
Published 2005
Oxford University Press
... of decolonization in the 20th century, and explains why divisions over the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1924 proved so...

by McCall, Cathal
Published 1999
Palgrave Macmillan UK
... and the Anglo-Irish political process, this book provides a refreshing account of communal identity in Northern...

by Campbell, Fergus J. M.
Published 2005
Oxford University Press
...) and the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty (1921), and demonstrates that land reform was often introduced...

by Daly, Mary E.
Published 1992
Syracuse University Press
..., from the founding of the Irish Free State to the Anglo-Irish Trade Treaty...

by Sandri, Damiano
Published 2011
International Monetary Fund
.... As the constraint of continued fiscal commitments became clearer, and coinciding with the nationalization of Anglo...

by Jorge, Richard
Published 2023
Palgrave Macmillan
.... Recent publications include Anglo-Irish Representations and Postcolonial Discourse in J. S....

by Rizzuto, Nicole
Published 2016
Fordham University Press
..., the writings of Ukrainian-born Joseph Conrad, Anglo-Irish Rebecca West, Jamaicans H. G. de Lisser and V...

by Moore, Sean D.
Published 2010
Johns Hopkins University Press
... media. He points to the actions of Anglo-Irish colonial subjects at the outset of Britain's financial...

by Burdett, Sarah
Published 2023
Palgrave Macmillan
... interacts with Anglo-French, Anglo-Irish, Anglo-German, and Anglo-Spanish debates at varying moments across...