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by Macmaster, Neil
Published 2020
Manchester University Press
...In May 1958, and four years into the Algerian War of Independence, a revolt again appropriated...

by Fanon, Frantz
Published 1967
Adam Matthew Digital
Table of Contents: ...Ch. 2. West Indians and Africans -- ch. 14. The Algerian War and man's liberation...

by Galula, David
Published 2006
RAND Corp.
Table of Contents: ... aftermath -- pt. 5. Conclusions: i. Major factors in the Algerian War -- ii. Basic principles...

by Smith, Andrea
Published 2002
Amsterdam University Press
Table of Contents: ... Memory, History, and the Algerian War; 7. The Wrinkles of Decolonization and Nationness: White Angolans...

by Derderian, Richard L.
Published 2004
Palgrave Macmillan US
... sites of memory such as the working-class suburbs or banlieues and the Algerian War. Based largely...

Published 2022
Cornell University Press
Table of Contents: ... in the Indonesian and the Algerian Wars of Independence / Stef Scagliola and Natalya Vince, in collaboration...

by André, Marc
Published 2023
ENS Éditions
... that is tied not only to Montluc prison, but also to Algerian immigration and the Algerian War of Independence...