by Miller, Philip
Published 1733
printed for the author; and sold by C. Rivington, at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard

by Hill, John
Published 1789
printed for A. Millar, W. Law, and R. Cater; and for Wilson and Spence, York

by Martyn, Thomas
Published 1796
printed by J. Davis, for B. and J. White, Fleet-Street

by Martyn, Thomas
Published 1791
published by F. P. Nodder, No. 15, Brewer Street, Golden Square; and sold by all booksellers and stationers in Great Britain and Ireland

by Milne, Colin
Published 1771
sold by W. Griffin, Bookseller, Catharine-Street; J. Nourse, Bookseller to His Majesty; P. Elmsley, opposite Southampton-Street; Messrs. Richardson and Urquart, under the Royal Exchange; F. Noble, opposite Gray's-Inn Gate, Holborn; and J. Robson, New-Bond-Street

by Blair, Patrick
Published 1720
printed by William and John Innys, printers to the Royal Society, at the Prince's Arms, the West end of St. Paul's

by Deering, Charles
Published 1738
printed for the author, by G. Ayscough, and sold by C. Rivington, at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard, London

by Ingenhousz, Jan
Published 1779
printed for P. Elmsly, in the Strand; and H. Payne, in Pall Mall

by Logan, James
Published 1747
printed for C. Davis, over-against Gray's-Inn Gate, Holborn

by Bolton, James
Published 1785
Printed [by Thomas Wright] for John Binns, Leeds; and sold by B. White and Son, J. Johnson, and J. Wallis, London; J. and J. Merrill, Cambridge; J. Fletcher, Oxford; and the booksellers at Edinburgh

by Bolton, James
Published 1788
Printed [by J. Brook] for the author, and sold in Halifax by him, and by J. Milner, bookseller; by B. White and Son, in London, by the booksellers of Oxford, Cambridge, York, Edinburgh; and may be had of all other booksellers

Published 1737
printed by T. Gardner, for W. Bickerton at Lord Bacon's Head Head without Temple-Bar, and at his shop at Eton College

Published 1741
printed for H. Slater, in Clements Inn; F. Noble, at Otway's Head, St. Martin's-Court; T. Wright, at the Bible in Exeter-Exchange, Strand; J. Duncan, in St. Martin's-Court, St. Martin's-Lane

by Mueller, Johann
Published 1779
published as the act directs, & sold at the authors [sic] house and at the principal booksellers

by Ray, John
Published 1686
typis Mariæ Clark: prostant apud Henricum Faithorne Regiae Societatis Typographum, ad Insigne Rosae in Coemeterio D. Pauli

by Ray, John
Published 1693
impensis Samuelis Smith & Benjamini Walford Regiae Societatis Typographorum, ad Insignia Principis in Coemererio D. Pauli

by Blackwell, Elizabeth
Published 1739
printed for John Nourse at the Lamb without Temple Bar

by Ray, John
Published 1686
Typis Mariæ Clark: prostant apud Henricum Faithorne Regiæ Societatis Typographum, ad Insigne Rosæ in Cœmeterio D. Pauli