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A description of the human eye, and its adjacent parts together with their principal diseases, and the methods proposed for relieving them. By Joseph Warner, F. R. S. And Senior Su...

by Warner, Joseph
Published 1773
printed for Lockyer Davis, in Holborn, Printer to the Royal Society

The better sequel better'd In a dialogue betwixt the oak and the dunghill

Published 1729
printed, and sold by A. Dodd without Temple-Bar; E. Nutt and A. Smith; at the Royal-Exchange and by the booksellers of London and Westminster

George Barnwell A novel. In three volumes. By T. S. Surr, Author of Consequences, a Novel; and Christ's Hospital, a Poem

by Surr, Thomas Skinner
Published 1798
printed for H. D. Symonds, No. 20, Paternoster Row

George Barnwell A novel. In two volumes. By T. S. Surr, Author of Consequences, a Novel; and Christ's Hospital, a Poem

by Surr, Thomas Skinner
Published 1798
printed for P. Wogan, H. Colbert, W. Porter, J. Moore, and N. Kelly

The note of hand or, trip to Newmarket. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Nosse omnia haec salus est adolescentulis. Ter

by Cumberland, Richard
Published 1774
printed for T. Becket, the Corner of the Adelphi, in the Strand

Northern memoirs or, the history of a Scotch family. Written by a lady. In two volumes

by Woodfin, Mrs
Published 1756
printed for F. Noble; at his Circulating-Library in King-Street, Covent-Garden; and J. Noble, at his Circulating-Library in St. Martin's-Court, near Leicester-Square

The nurse's guide or short and safer rules for the management of women of each rank and condition in child-bed. With directions about the choice of a wet-nurse. In a dialogue betwi...

by Dawkes, Thomas
Published 1744
printed, and sold by M. Cooper, in Pater-Noster Row

The noble pedlar a burletta. As performed at Marybone-Gardens. Set to music by Mr. Barthelemon

by Carey, George Saville
Published 1770
printed for W. Nicoll, No. 51, St. Paul's Church-Yard

An alarm to unconverted sinners By Joseph Alleine

by Alleine, Joseph
Published 1793
printed by G. Paramore; North-Green, Worship-Street; and sold by G. Whitfield; at the Chapel, City-Road and at the Methodist preaching-houses, in town and country

A new discovery of the nature of the plague And the true cause of its raging in European cities. With the remedy. Contrary to the opinion of Dr. Meade, Dr. Browne, and others, who...

Published 1721
printed for T. Bickerton; at the Crown in Pater-Noster-Row and J. Wilford, at the Three Flower de-Luces in Little Britain

The new dispensatory of the Royal College of Physicians in London With copious and accurate indexes. Faithfully translated from the Latin of the Pharmacopœia Londinensis, publish'd...

Published 1746
printed for the translator, and sold by W. Owen

A new display of the beauties of England or, a description of the most elegant or magnificent public edifices, royal palaces, noblemen's and gentlemen's seats, and other curiositie...

Published 1776
printed for R. Goadby; and sold by J. Towers; and by R. Baldwin

The new dispensatory containing, I. The elements of pharmacy. II. The materia medica, or an Account of the Substances employed in Medicine; with the Virtues and Uses of each Articl...

by Lewis, William
Published 1770
printed for J. Nourse, Bookseller in Ordinary to his Majesty

Observations on the nature and consequences of wounds and contusions of the head fractures of the skull, concussions of the brain, &c. By Percivall Pott, Surgeon to St. Bartholomew...

by Pott, Percivall
Published 1760
printed for C. Hitch and L. Hawes, at the Red-Lion, Pater-Noster-Row

The loyal lovers garland In four parts

Published 1760
printed by Dicey's or Marshall's

Observations on the mode of attendance of the surgeons of Edinburgh on the Royal Infirmary in a letter addressed to the Royal College of Surgeons; by Benjamin Bell

by Bell, Benjamin
Published 1800
printed by Adam Neill and Company

Observations on the means of preserving the health of soldiers and of conducting military hospitals. And on the diseases incident to soldiers in the time of service, and on the sam...

by Monro, Donald
Published 1780
printed for J. Murray; at No. 32, in Fleet-Street and G. Robinson, at No. 25, in Paternoster-Row