by Kestenbaum, Bryan
Published 2019
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: '; ... in Journal Articles -- References -- Author Index -- Subject Index...

by Kirch, Wilhelm
Published 2004
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ...the annual conference -- 4. European Journal of Public Health and EUPHA — 10 years on -- II. Public...

by Holtgrave, David R.
Published 1998
Springer US
Table of Contents: '; ... for Information and Data (Not Listed Previously) -- Other Sites of Interest -- Sites for Relevant Journals...

Published 2009
Humana Press
..., and International Journal of Oncology and is a former Associate Editor of the International Journal of Cancer....

by Aisner, Joseph
Published 1980
Springer Netherlands
... and commitments to research and therapy. Besides the large number of specialty journals and publications devoted...

by Sluyser, Mels
Published 2005
Springer Netherlands
... is the Editor of the journals APOPTOSIS and ANTI-CANCER DRUGS. He brings together a collection of papers written...

by Faguet, Guy B.
Published 2005
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.... The author's views are based on data published in mainstream scientific journals and other reliable...

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Published 2005
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... theory and health action" (Journal of Humanitarian Medicine, vol. IV, no. 4, October-December 2004...

by Gunn, S. William A.
Published 2008
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... of the highest interest. The result fully justifies the promise." –Journal of Humanitarian Medicine "A remarkable...

by Morabia, Alfredo
Published 2004
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... International Journal of Public Health", starting in January 2001. The contributions focus on the historical...

by Carmi, Amnon
Published 1984
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
...­ in-Chief of Medicine and Law: An International Journal. The Medicolegal Library will issue two books each...

Published 2013
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... that are typically scattered in a variety of journals and books. It features promising recent work in applying...

by Ribatti, Domenico
Published 2009
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...In 1971, J. Folkman published in the "New England Journal of Medicine" a hypothesis that tumor...

Published 2005
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... to counseling patients with HIV will find this book valuable." (Gary Marks, PhD., New England Journal...

by McQueen, David V.
Published 2003
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... countries." (Qaiser Mukhtar, Journal of Epidemila Community Health, 59:6)...

by Kaufman, Marc J.
Published 2001
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... emerge from more than 1350 articles in some 320 journals, and are organized by method, abused substance...

by Cressey, Donald R.
Published 1964
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..., portions of one journal article appear in Chapters I, IV and V; parts of a chapter published in a recent...

Published 2009
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... monograph on the topic published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control (Nancy Krieger PhD, Editor)...

by Gigli, Irma N.
Published 1983
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... of important contributions within two issues of the Journal which are of such an interest to dermatologists...

by Melchers, Fritz
Published 1989
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... no journal will ever achieve, and the results are presented in a concise and lucid way. This report...