by Cavallo, Tiberius
Published 1800
printed by J. Dillon, Plough-Court, Fetter-Lane, for, and sold by, W. and S. Jones, opticians, Opposite Leather Lane, Holborn

by Place, Conyers
Published 1738
printed for the author, and sold by J. Roberts, and C. Stokes

by Vince, Samuel
Published 1793
printed by J. Archdeacon Printer to the University; for J. & J. Merrill, J. Nicholson and W. H. Lunn, Cambridge; J. Deighton, H. Gardner, F. Wingrave in the Strand, B. White & Son, Fleetstreet, G. & T. Wilkie, in St. Paul's Churchyard, London; J. Fletcher, and D. Prince & J. Cooke, Oxford

by Hamilton, Hugh
Published 1772
printed for J. Nourse, Bookseller to his Majesty, in the Strand

by Helsham, Richard
Published 1767
printed for J. Nourse, opposite Katherine-Street in the Strand, Bookseller in Ordinary to his Majesty

by Watson, William
Published 1746
printed for C. Davis, Printer to the Royal Society, against Gray's-Inn, Holbourn

by Watson, William
Published 1746
printed for C. Davis, Printer to the Royal Society, against Gray's-Inn, Holbourn

by Vieth, Gerhard Ulrich Anton
Published 1800
printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, Paternoster-Row by George Woodfall, Paternoster-Row

by Lovett, Richard
Published 1774
printed for, and sold by the author, and by R. Lewis. - Sold also by Mr. Bew, London; and by Mr. Fletcher, Oxford

by Worster, Benjamin
Published 1722
printed for the author, and sold by W. and J. Innys, at the Prince's Arms in S. Paul's Church-Yard

by Wood, James
Published 1799
printed by J. Burges, Printer to the University; and sold by J. Deighton, and J. Nicholson, Cambridge; F. Wingrave, and P. Elmsley, in the Strand; W. H. Lunn, Oxford Street; and F. & C. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, London

by Locke, John
Published 1758
printed by R. Urie

by Lovett, Richard
Published 1756
printed for J. Hinton, in Newgate-Street, W. Sandby, in Fleet-Street, and R. Lovett, at Worcester

by Rohault, Jacques
Published 1723
printed for James Knapton at the Crown in St. Paul's-Church-Yard

by Jones, William
Published 1762
printed at the Clarendon printing-house. Sold by S. Parker, and D. Prince in Oxford; J. Rivington in St. Paul's Church-Yard, London; and W. Watson in Capel Street, Dublin

by Wilkinson, Charles Henry
Published 1798
printed and sold by Sampson Low, Berwick Street, Soho: also sold by C. Law, Ave-Maria Lane; Lee and Hurst, Paternoster Row; and of the author, No. 10, Leicester Street, Leicester Square

by Keill, John
Published 1726
printed for J. Senex, W. and J. Innys, J. Osborn, and T. Longman

by Jones, William
Published 1763
Oxford printed, and Dublin re-printed for William Watson, Bookseller, at the Poets Heads, in Capel-Street

by Davenport, Stephen
Published 1737
printed by J. Leake, for the author, and sold at his house in High Holbourn, and at Mr. Wright's, mathematical instrument maker, in Fleetstreet