Published 2019
Open Book Publishers
Subjects: '; ...etnos, collective identities, language, traditions, ethnicity, national identity, Eurasia...

by Weckström, Lotta
Published 2011
Finnish Literature Society / SKS
Subjects: '; ...Regional & national history...

Published 2015
Peter Lang International Academic Publishers
... for nations and societies. Which linguistic factors play a role in the formation of these borders, especially...

by Gunter Senft
Published 2017
John Benjamins Publishing Company
... – in the Trobriand Islanders' society which gets more and more integrated into the by now “literal” nation of Papua...

by Siikala, Anna-Leena
Published 2011
Finnish Literature Society / SKS
..., and nations, and interpret them from a perspective of area, state, and cultural policies. A closer look...