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by Kalamova, Margarita
Published 2018
Peter Lang International Academic Publishers
Subjects: '; ...Nation Brands...

by Czerwinska-Schupp, Ewa
Published 2016
Subjects: '; ...Otto Bauer, Austria, Austromarxism, socialism, history, philosophy, moral, imperialism, nation...

by Peebles, Dave
Published 2005
ANU Press
Subjects: '; ...national security...

by Dussel, Enrique
Published 2019
punctum books
Subjects: '; ...National liberation & independence, post-colonialism...

by Weckström, Lotta
Published 2011
Finnish Literature Society / SKS
Subjects: '; ...Regional & national history...

by Aurelio, Diogo
Published 2010
De Gruyter
... and the nation state. It deals with the moral relevance of national boundaries and cosmopolitanism, and takes...

by Harrison, Kevin
Published 2003
Manchester University Press
..., the first half of the book looks at political concepts including the state and sovereignty, the nation...

by Lombardo, Marc
Published 2015
punctum books
..., ostensibly self-enclosed entities like the nation-state and the person are rhetorically bolstered as sites...

by Cherry, Mark J.
Published 2003
Taylor & Francis
...Regional Perspectives in Bioethics" illustrates the ways in which the national and international...

Published 2005
Taylor & Francis
... of accumulations and regimes of regulation of national capitalisms and international capitalism have been...

Published 2019
Purdue University Press
... national and international experts in the fields of human-animal connection and trauma, discuss how our...

by Qvortrup, Mads
Published 2003
Manchester University Press
... developed the first modern theory of nationalism. The book presents an integrated political analysis...

by Grosse, Melanie
Published 2018
Peter Lang International Academic Publishers
... the national policy-makers as well as the international community. With the Millennium Development Declaration...

by Workman, Travis
Published 2016
University of California Press
... principles, the proletarian arts, and Pan‑Asian imperial nationalism converged with practices of colonial...
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by Narayan, John
Published 2016
Manchester University Press
... and national democracy in his work, that has not been fully appreciated even by contemporary scholars...

by D. Schafer, Paul
Published 2008
University of Ottawa Press / Les Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa
... tracing the evolution of the economic age from the publication of Adam Smith's <i>The Wealth of Nations</i...

by Marginson, Simon
Published 2016
University of California Press
... in California, once the national leader, lags far behind. Can the social values embodied in Kerr’s vision...

Published 2017
University of Hawai‘i Press
... phenomenon of Confucianism offers alternative values and depths of ethical commitment that cross national...

by Dainotto, Roberto M.
Published 2007
Duke University Press
... to the rational, civic-minded nations of northern Europe. Dainotto argues that beginning with Montesquieu...

Published 2017
UCL Press
... up a national scheme for the provision of poor relief. Against the background of the debates...