Charles Mitchell

Charles Mitchell may refer to:

* Charles Mitchell (academic) (born 1965), professor of law at University College, London * Charles Mitchell (American football) (born 1989), American football player * Charles Mitchell (basketball) (born 1993), American basketball player * Charles Mitchell (colonial administrator) (1836–1899), colonial administrator in the British Colonial Service * Charles Mitchell (footballer), British soccer player * Charles Mitchell (shipbuilder) (1820–1895), British shipbuilder * Charles Mitchell (songwriter), American songwriter of the 1930s and 1940s * Charles Mitchell (–1876?), mulatto slave, owned by James Tilton (surveyor), who escaped from the Washington Territory to the British Crown Colony of Victoria in 1860 * C. Ainsworth Mitchell (1867–1948), English chemist and forensic scientist * Charles Bayard Mitchell (1857–1942), American bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church * Charles E. Mitchell (1877–1955), American banker * Charles F. Mitchell (1806–1865), U.S. Representative from New York * Charles H. Mitchell (born 1940), American academic administrator and American football player * Charles Le Moyne Mitchell (1844–1890), U.S. Representative from Connecticut * Charles Lewis Mitchell (1829–1912), state legislator in Massachusetts * Charles Louis Mitchell (1859–1918), Scottish artist * Charles Richmond Mitchell (1872–1942), Canadian lawyer, judge, cabinet minister in Alberta * Charles S. Mitchell (1856–1922), American newspaper publisher and editor * Charles William Mitchell (1854–1903), English pre-Raphaelite painter * Charlie Mitchell (American football) (1920–1999), defensive back in the National Football League * Charlie Mitchell (baseball) (born 1962), baseball player * Charlie Mitchell (footballer) (born 1948), Scottish American former soccer defender and coach * Chuck Mitchell (1927–1992), American actor * Mitch Mitchell (guitarist) (Charles Mitchell III, born 1959), musician and former member of Guided by Voices * Trey Mitchell (strongman) (born 1993) Provided by Wikipedia