Antoine de la Sale

Frontispiece of an 1830 edition of ''Little John of Saintré'', showing a fictitious author's portrait Antoine de la Sale (also ''la Salle'', ''de Lasalle''; 1385/861460/61) was a French courtier, educator and writer. He participated in a number of military campaigns in his youth and he only began writing when he had reached middle age, in the late 1430s. He lived in Italy at the time, but returned to France in the 1440s, where he acted as umpire in tournaments, and he wrote a treatise on the history of the knightly tournament in 1459. He became the tutor of the sons of Louis de Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol, to whom he dedicated a moral work in 1451. His most successful work was ''Little John of Saintré'', written in 1456, when he was reaching the age of seventy. Provided by Wikipedia

by Antoine de La Sale
Published 2006
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