Académie d'Agriculture

The '''Académie d'agriculture de France''' is a voluntary association aiming to contribute to the evolution of agriculture and rural life in the scientific, technical, economic, judicial, legal, social and cultural fields. It is the successor to the société d'agriculture de la Généralité de Paris, founded in 1761 by Louis XV, and has functioned in its present form since a decree of 1878 which recognised it as a public utility.

It has 120 titular members and 180 French corresponding members, as well as 60 foreign members. Its bureau is its executive organ and is made up of 6 members, with a president elected for a year and a life secretary elected by his or her peers and named by decree of the French President. It awards annual prizes and medals for contributions to the advancement of agricultural knowledge. It is based in Paris in a hôtel particulier at 18 in the 7th arrondissement. Provided by Wikipedia

by Block, Maurice
Published 1850
Société nationale et centrale d'agriculture
...Académie d'agriculture de France...

by Abeill, Louis-Paul
Published 1790
De l'Imprimerie de Philippe-Denys Pierres
...Académie d'agriculture de France...

Published 1791
De l'Imprimerie de la Feuille du cultivateur
...Académie d'agriculture de France...

Published 1803
de l'Imprimerie de la Sociéte d'agriculture
...Académie d'agriculture de France...