Pehr Kalm

Pehr Kalm (6 March 1716 – 16 November 1779), also known as Peter Kalm, was a Swedish explorer, botanist, naturalist, and agricultural economist. He was one of the most important apostles of Carl Linnaeus.

In 1747, he was commissioned by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to travel to the North American colonies in order to bring back seeds and plants that might be useful to agriculture. Among his many scientific accomplishments, Kalm can be credited with the first description of Niagara Falls written by a trained scientist. In addition, he published the first scientific paper on the North American 17-year periodical cicada, ''Magicicada septendecim.''

Kalm wrote an account of his travels that was translated into numerous European languages; a 20th-century translation remains in print in English as ''Peter Kalm's Travels in North America: The English Version of 1770,'' translated by Swedish-American scholar Adolph B. Benson. Provided by Wikipedia

by Kalm, Pehr
Published 1753
Tryckt hos Directeuren och Kongl. Boktr. i Stor-Förstenömet Finland, J. Merckell