John Indermaur

John Indermaur (24 November 1851 – 19 July 1925) was a British lawyer and legal writer, with his writing focus was on common law. He is known for having written ''An Epitome of Leading Common Law Cases'' in 1875, ''Principles of Common Law'' in 1876, and ''The Student's Guide to Trusts and Partnerships'' in 1885. Indermaur qualified as a solicitor in 1874. He and his law partner, Charles Thwaites, had a law firm on Chancery Lane in the City of London and began teaching and writing about law together in 1884. Other legal works written by Indermaur include ''A Manual of the Principals of Equity'', ''The Student's Guide to Procedure and Evidence'', and ''Principals and Practice in Matters Appertaining to Conveyancing''. Provided by Wikipedia