Published 1738
[Pr]inted and sold by M. Downing, in Batholomew-Close, near West-Smithfield]

by Vickers, William
Published 1773
Printed for John Beecroft, at the Bible and Crown, in Pater-noster-Row

by G. B
Published 1719
Printed by Tho. Norris, at the Looking-glass on London-bridge

by Nicholson, Henry
Published 1707
Printed at the Sign of the Crown in Fish[e]mble-street, for John Wares bookseller in High-street

by Watts, Isaac
Published 1789
Printed by and for M. Luckman; and sold by J. Mathews, in the Strand; R.V. Brooke, Cheapside; Champante and Whitrowe, Jury-street; and Wilkinson and Mountford, Ladlane, London; S. Hazard, Bath; Collis and Co. Kettering; M. Swinney, and E. Piercy, Birmingham; and all other booksellers

by Charlesworth, John
Published 1792
Printed and sold by Allin and Ridge; sold also by J. Johnson, St. Paul's Church Yard, and G.G.J. and J. Robinson, Pater-Noster Row, London

Published 1730
Printed from the edition of the Late Edwd Wickstead for T. Wilson and R. Spence York

by Pearson, Edward
Published 1800
Printed & sold by Samuel Tupman sold also by J. Hatchard, Piccadilly

by Henry, Matthew
Published 1755
Printed by John Robertson Sen. bookseller in the Salt-Mercat

by Godeau, Antoine
Published 1719
printed for C. Rivington, at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard: J. Sackfield, in Licolns-Inn-Square; and B. Creake, at the Bible in Jermyn-Street, St. James's

by Hartley, John
Published 1716
Printed for George Mortlock, at the Phnix in St. Paul's Church-yard; and John Hodges, bookseller in Derby

by Wesley, John
Published 1796
Printed for G. Whitfield, at the New Chapel, City-Road, near Finsbury-Square

by Hopkins, John
Published 1762
Printed by Joseph Bentham printer to the University by whom they are sold in Cambridge, and by Benj. Dod bookseller in Ave-Mary Lane, London

Published 1799
Printed by John Burges printer to the University; and sold by C. Dilly, F. & C. Rivington, and B. & J. White, London; and J. & J. Merrill, in Cambridge

by Hargrove, John
Published 1800
Printed for the acting committee, of the new church