by Smith, Mary
Published 1786
Printed for S. Hodgson; and G.G.J. and J. Robinson, Paternoster-Row, London

by Gelleroy, William
Published 1762
Printed by T. and J. Whitehouse Booksellers, at the State-Lottery-Office, in Nicholas-Street

by Mason, Charlotte
Published 1787
Printed for J. Walter, at Homer's-Head, Charing-Cross

by Welchman, Edward
Published 1791
Printed for J.F. and C. Rivington, booksellers to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, at No 62, St. Paul's Church-Yard

Published 1786
Printed by Martin and M'Dowall

by Lambert, Edward
Published 1750
Printed for T. Taylor, by the Meuse-gate, in Castle-street; and sold by W. Bickerton, in the Temple-exchange, near the Inner-temple-gate, Fleet-street

by Hanway, Jonas
Published 1773
sold at Mrs. Woodfall's, at Charing-Cross; J. Brotherton and Sewell, near the Royal-Exchange; and at the pamphlet shops

Published 1741
printed by R. Reilly on Cork-Hill. For Edward Eeshaw [Exshaw], at the Bible on Cork-Hill

by Ruffhead, Owen
Published 1763

by Puckle, James
Published 1713
printed for the author, James Puckle

by Puckle, James
Published 1733
printed for Edward Symon, against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill

by My friend a physician
Published 1758
printed for M. Cooper at the Globe in Pater-Noster-Row

by Puckle, James
Published 1713
printed for the author

by Harrison, Sarah
Published 1764
printed for C. and R. Ware, at the Bible and Sun on Ludgate-Hill

by Glasse, Hannah
Published 1778
printed for W. Strahan, J. Rivington and Sons, S. Crowder, J. Hinton, J. Johnson, T. Longman, W. Owen, B. White, T. Caslon, J. Wilkie, J. Robson, G. Robinson, T. Cadell, T. Becket, W. Davies, J. Knox, W. Nicoll, T. Lowndes, R. Dymott, H. Gardner, B. Domville, J. Richardson, T. Durham, R. Baldwin, J. Bew, F. Newberry, W. Goldsmith, Fielding and Walker, J. Wallis, and W. Fox

by Glasse, Hannah
Published 1796
printed for T. Longman, B. Law, J. Johnson, G. G. and J. Robinson, H. Gardner, T. Payne, F. and C. Rivington, J. Sewell, W. Richardson, W. Lane, W. Lowndes, G. and T. Wilkie, W. Nicoll, W. Fox, Ogilvy and Speare, J. Debrett, J. Scatcherd, Vernor and Hood, Clarke and Son, J. Nunn, J. Barker, B. Crosby, Cadell and Davies, and E. Newbery

by Downman, Hugh
Published 1790
printed for J. Bell and J. Bradfute; G. G. J. & J. Robinson; G. & T. Wilkie, and G. Kearsley, London

by Mason, Charlotte
Published 1800
printed for J. Walter, at Homer's-Head, Charing-Cross