by Puckett, Kent
Published 2017
Fordham University Press
... as it related to ideas about freedom and security, the idea of national character, and the daunting persistence...

Published 2014
Duke University Press
... in diverse, border-related contexts, it is possible to comprehend Northern South Asia's various nation-state...

by Eller, Anne
Published 2016
Duke University Press
... relationships with their communities, the national project, and the greater Caribbean, Eller shows how popular...

by Horowitz, Sarah
Published 2014
Penn State University Press
... the nation along ideological lines. In the wake of the Terror, many began to express concerns about...

by Temperley, Howard
Published 2002
Macmillan Education UK
...When the War of Independence ended in 1783, many doubted the ability of Americans to build a nation...

by Bijl, Paul
Published 2016
Amsterdam University Press
... zone from which pasts that do not fit the stories nations live by keep on emerging and submerging while...

by von dem Knesebeck, Julia
Published 2011
University of Hertfordshire Press
... persecuted victims of National Socialism in post-war Germany.Since modern academics belatedly began to take...

by Claire Hilton
Published 2017
Palgrave Macmillan
... Institutions (AEGIS). In 1965, Barbara visited 73-year-old Amy Gibbs in a dilapidated and overcrowded National...

by van der Pijl, Kees
Published 2007
Pluto Press
... Pijl argues that by making the "nation-state" the focus of international relations, the discipline has...

by Schull, Kent F.
Published 2014
Edinburgh University Press
... for Ottoman nation-state construction and acted as 'microcosms of modernity' for broader imperial...

Published 1991
Springer Netherlands
... combine some encyclopedic (as well as interdisciplinary and inter­ national) breadth with scholarly...

by Telesko, Werner
Published 2008
... an extensive range of topics against the background of competing national, regional and communal strategies...

by Parolin, Christina
Published 2010
ANU Press
... to meet, agitate and debate provided those excluded from the formal arenas of the political nation...

by Keen, Elizabeth
Published 2007
ANU Press
... brotherhood, by 1600 English men of letters had claimed Bartholomew as a noble compatriot and national...

by Fox, Karen
Published 2011
ANU Press
...From 1950, increasing numbers of Aboriginal and Māori women became nationally or internationally...

by Goodall, Heather
Published 2013
ANU Press
... of organisations, national coalitions and the international movement for Indigenous rights. The changes...

by Meskill, David
Published 2010
Berghahn Books
... of political policies of corporatist compromise and national security as well as industry’s evolving production...

by Spariosu, Mihai
Published 2006
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... beings and will support and enrich all life on this planet. As no national or supranational authority can...

Published 2018
ANU Press
..., The Australian National University...

by Rossi, Pietro
Published 2015
De Gruyter
... and the changing role of the Mediterranean from mare nostrum to a frontier between nations. Scandinavia, eastern...