by Horace
Published 1777
printed for J. Dickson, Exchange; and James Duncan, Glasgow

by Garretson, John
Published 1716
Re-printed by Samuel Fairbrother bookseller in Skinner-Row, opposite the Tholset and are to be sold by the booksellers

Published 1796
Printed, 1758

by Ruddiman, Thomas
Published 1782
Printed (by assignment from the heirs of T. Ruddiman) for J. Dickson and C. Elliot

by Coleridge, John
Published 1759
Printed for the author, and sold by D. Henry and R. Cave, at St John's Gate

by Cordier, Mathurin
Published 1775
Printed for J. Rivington, R. Baldwin, E. Johnston, W. Strahan, S. Crowder, T. Longman, Hawes, Clarke and Collins, B. Law, G. Robinson, J. Fuller, and W. Woodfall

Published 1755
London: printed. Philadelphia: reprinted by J. Chattin, for Mascoll Williams, of Salem, in New-England

by Cheever, Ezekiel
Published 1724
Printed by B. Green, for Benj. Eliot, at his shop in King Street

by Cheever, Ezekiel
Published 1785
Printed by John Mycall, for E. Battelle, and sold by them at their shops in Boston and Newbury-Port

by Coles, Elisha
Published 1764
printed for A. Wilde, T. Osborne, J. Bonwicke, E. Ballard, J. Worrall, J. and T. Pote, J. Fuller, B. Barker, C. Bathurst, H. Woodfall, T. Waller, J. Beecroft, J. Rivington, B. Dod, J. Hinton, W. Straban, R. Boldwin, L. Hawes, W. Clarke, and R. Collins, R. Horifield, W. Johnston, T. Caslon, S. Crowder, T. Longman, P. Stevens, G. Keith, B. Law, T. Field, C. Rivington, E. Dilly, A. and C. Corbett, J. Fuller, Jun. J. Wilkie, C. and R. Ware, Z. Stuart, G. Kearsly, J. Waugh, J. Coote, T. Lownds, G. Knapp, A. Shuckburgh, J. Hinxman, M. Richardson, and B. Collins