by Dwyer, Charles
Published 1772
Printed by P. Bagnell and Comp. for the author

by Dilworth, Thomas
Published 1776
Printed formerly by Henry Kent, in Finch-Lane, and now (by virtue of a decision in the House of Peers) printed for W. Cavell ne[a]r Grey's-Inn, Holbourn

by Jones, Stephen
Published 1797
Printed for vernor and hood; J. Cuthell; Ocilvy and Son; and Lackington, Allen, and Co

by Watts, Isaac
Published 1761
Printed for T. Longman, J. Buckland, and W. Fenner, in Pater-noster-row; J. Waugh in Lombard-Street; E. Dilly in the Poultry; and T. Field in Cheapside

by Hamilton, Joseph
Published 1800
printed by C. Whittingham, Dean Street, Fetter Lane, for Longman and Rees, Paternoster Row; J. Johnson, G.G. and J. Robinson, W.J. and J. Richardson, R. Baldwin, F. and C. Rivington, J. Mathews, J. Cuthell, J. Walker, W. Lowndes, J. Scatcherd, H.D. Symonds, G. Wilkie, J. Stockdale, W. Clarke and Son, Vernor and Hood, S. Bagster, Cadell and Davies, Wynne and Scholey, J. and A. Arch, Murray and Highley, T. Hurst, J. Harding, J. Wallis, A. and J. Black, and J. Mawman

by Perry, William
Published 1798
Printed for J. Murray & S. Highley, No 32, Fleet Street; J. Scatchard, Ave Maria Lane; J. Walker, and T.N. Longman, Pater Noster Row; Vernor & Hood, Poultry Ogilvie & son, Holborn: and for bell and bradfute and J. Dickson, Edinburgh

by Wheeldon, John
Published 1766
printed for the author, and sold by Fletcher and Hodson; sold also by H. Briggs, at St. Ives; and Messr[s] Wilson and Fell, Paternoster Row, London

by Lefebvre de Villebrune, Jean-Baptiste
Published 1774
Chez Pissot, libraire, quai des Augustins, près la rue Gilles-C D oeur

by Arnold, Theodor
Published 1777
auf Kosten der Waysenhaus- und Frommanischen Buchhandlung

by Sauseuil, Jean-Nicolas
Published 1768
Printed for the author, by James Harrison, opposite Stationers'-Hall

Published 1797
Printed for John Binns; and sold by J. Johnson, D. Ogilvy, and Son, and Vernor and Hood, London

by Robinson, John
Published 1800
Printed by T. Maiden, Sherbourne-Lane, for the author, No. 30, Arundel-Street, Strand; of which it may be had: also of Vernor and Hood, 31, Poultry; and J. Nunn, Great Queen-Street, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields

Published 1790
Printed by R. Eassan, No. 53, St. John's Street, West Smithfield

Published 1759
Printed for Charles Hutcheson bookseller Greenock

by Entick, John
Published 1770
Printed for James Potts, at Swift's-Head, in Dame-Street

by Lock, Peter
Published 1746
Printed and sold by Andrew and Sarah Brice, at their New Printing-Office, in Northgate street