by Gookin, Daniel
Published 1792
At the Apollo Press, in Boston, by Belknap and Hall

by Penhallow, Samuel
Published 1726
Printed by T. Fleet, for S. Gerrish at the lower end of Cornhill, and D. Henchman over-against the brick meeting-house in Cornhill

by Ames, Nathaniel
Published 1771
[Printed by T. & J. Fleet and Edes & Gill] Price 2s. 8d. per dozen, and six coppers single]

by Low, Nathanael
Published 1774
Printed and sold by John Kneeland, in Milk-Street. Price 2s 5d. per doz. 6 coppers single

by Low, Nathanael
Published 1771
Printed and sold by Kneeland and Adams, in Milk-Street:--sold also by the printers and booksellers

by Low, Nathanael
Published 1797
Printed by John & Thomas Fleet, at the Bible and Heart, Cornhill. Where may be had their Register & pocket almanack, for 1798

Published 1767
Printed by Mein and Fleeming, and to be sold by John Mein at the London Book-store, north-side of King-Street. (Price half a dollar the dozen, and seven coppers single)

by Cumings, Henry
Published 1781
Printed by Benjamin Edes & Sons,, in State Street

by Hitchcock, Gad
Published 1775
Printed and sold by Edes and Gill, in Queen-Street

by Fleming, William
Published 1756
Printed and sold by Green & Russell, at their printing-office near the Custom-House, and next to the writing-school in Queen-Street

by Parker, Isaac
Published 1796
Printed by Samuel Hall, no. 53, Cornhill, Boston