by Lewis, William
Published 1769
printed for H. Saunders, W. Sleater, D. Chamberlaine, J. Potts, and J. Williams

by Warner, Ferdinando
Published 1768
printed for T. Cadell, successor to Mr. Millar, in the Strand

by Heister, Lorenz
Published 1753
printed for W. Innys and J. Richardson in Pater-Noster Row; C. Davis in Holborn; J. Clark under the Royal-Exchange; R. Manby on Ludgate-Hill; J. Whiston and B. White in Fleet-Street; and H. S. Cox in Pater-Noster Row

by Heister, Lorenz
Published 1757
printed for W. Innys and J. Richardson, J. Clarke, R. Manby, J. Whiston and B. White, H. S. Cox, and L. Davis and C. Reymers

by Heister, Lorenz
Published 1763
printed for J. Clarke, J. Whiston and B. White, L. Davis and C. Reymers, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, and H. Woodfall

by Couper, Robert
Published 1797
printed for Peter Hill, Edinburgh; and T. Cadell Junior & W. Davies, London, successors to Mr Cadell

by Hollings, John
Published 1734
printed: and sold by J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane, and T. Worrall in Fleetstreet

by Black, William
Published 1770
Printed in the year

by Hodgson, John
Published 1783
printed by Francis Jollie

by Nicholson, George
Published 1797
printed and sold at the office of G. Nicholson, 9, Spring-Gardens sold also by T. Knott. 47, Lombard-Street; and Champante & Whitrow, Jewry-Street, London

by Chicoyneau, François
Published 1721
printed by and for George Grierson, at the Two Bibles in Essex-Street

by Wright, Thomas
Published 1791
printed for William Gilbert, No. 26, Great George's-Street

Published 1776
printed by W. Richardson, for J. Bew, No 28, Pater-Noster Row

by Stevenson, William
Published 1781
Printed by Taylor and Drury, Retford: and to be sold by the booksellers of Newark and Nottingham. Likewise by J. Johnson, St. Paul's Church-Yard, and C. Dilly, Poultry, London

by Nevill, James
Published 1754
printed for R. Griffiths, at the Dunciad, in Pater-Noster-Row, and J. Graham, over against St. Martin's Church in the Strand