by Freame, John
Published 1769
printed by S. Farley, in Castle-Green
Subjects: '; ...Questions and answers / Theology / Early works to 1800...

by F. B
Published 1705
Printed: and sold by Benj. Bragg, in Avemary Lane
Subjects: '; ...Theology, Doctrinal / Great Britain / Early works to 1800...

by Curzon, Henry
Published 1722
printed for T. Warner, at the Black-Boy, and J. Batley, at the Dove, both in Pater-Noster-Row

by Curzon, Henry
Published 1712
printed for George Sawbridge, at the Three Flower-de-Lys in Little-Britain

The new complete dictionary of arts and sciences or, an universal system of useful knowledge. Containing A full Explanation of every Art and Science, whether liberal or mechanical, in which the Difficulties attending a thorough Knowledge of them are clearly pointed out, and such Directions given as cannot fail of making their Acquisition easy and familiar to every Capacity Exhibiting, among the various other Branches of Literature, a copious Elucidation of the following, viz. Agriculture, Algebra, Anatomy, Architecture, Arithmetick, Astronomy, Book-Keeping, Botany, Carving, Catoptricks, Chemistry, Chronology, Commerce, Conicks, Cosmography, Dialing, Dioptricks, Ethicks, Farriery, Fluxions, Fortification, Gardening, Guaging, Geography, Geometry, Grammar, Gunnery, Handicrafts, Heraldry, History, Horsemanship, Husbandry, Hydraulicks, Hydrography, Hydrostaticks, Law, Levelling, Logick, Maritime and Military Affairs, Mathematicks, Mechanicks, Medicine, Merchandize, Metaphysicks, Meteorology, Musick, Navigation, Opticks, Oratory, Painting, Perspective, Pharmacy, Philology, Philosophy, Physick, Pneumaticks, Rhetorick, Sculpture, Series and Staticks, Statuary, Surgery, Surveying, Theology, Trigonometry, &c. The Whole upon an improved Plan, the Marrow...
by Middleton, Erasmus
Published 1778
printed, by authority, for the authors; and sold by Alexr. Hogg, at No. 16, Pater-Noster-Row; and S. Leacroft, at Charing-Cross; and may be had of all Booksellers in Town and Country