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by Kooijman, Jaap
Published 2008
Amsterdam University Press
...The pageantry of Oprah Winfrey's talk show, the Coca-Cola empire, Michael Jackson's turn from...

by Blum, Richard A.
Published 2001
Focal Press
Table of Contents: '; ... -- How to write professional scenes in TV drama -- Soap, talk show, and variety -- How to create new...

by Kooijman, Jaap
Published 2013
Amsterdam University Press
..., the talk show host was moved to tears. Such an imagined America, rather than the nation-state USA...

by Mai, Manfred
Published 2005
VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften
Table of Contents: '; ... durch die Medien -- 10 Das Parlament in der Mediengesellschaft. Parlamentarische Debatte oder Talk-Show...

by Moskow, Clifford E.
Published 1998
Filmakers Library
.... Sent abroad to encourage tourism, Tom quickly became a sought after lecturer, entertainer and talk show...

by Gamble, William B.
Published 2011
...You see it in every business paper or magazine. You hear it on every financial talk show. You...

by Maass, Vera S.
Published 2007
Springer US
... and talk-show hosts). Facing the Complexities of Women’s Sexual Desire, by veteran sex therapist Vera Sonja...

by Rahman, Mahfuzur
Published 2002
Springer US
... of being the big­ gest talk show on earth. It is certainly pertinent to ask what it has been talking about...

by Kovác, András
Published 2003

Published 2006
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... research. The talks showed how recent researchresults from algorithmic graph theory can be used in computer...

by Couture, Barbara
Published 2004
Utah State University Press
... talk shows, voyeuristic "reality" TV). That matters so private could be treated as legitimate-in some...

Published 2002
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... science, and its contributed talks showed how recent research results from algorithmic graph theory can...