by Perry, William
Published 1794
by Leonard Worcester, for Isaiah Thomas. Sold at his bookstore, by said Thomas, & Waldo, in Brookfield, and said Thomas, & Carlisle, in Walpole. Sold also, in Boston, by said Thomas, and Andrews, S. Hall, B. Larkin, J. White, D. West, E. Larkin, Jun., J. West, and at the Boston Bookstore

by Perry, William
Published 1800
by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews. Sold by them, and the other booksellers in Boston; by I. Thomas, in Worcester; by Thomas, Andrews & Penniman, in Albany; and by Thomas, Andrews & Butler, in Baltimore

by Perry, William
Published 1788
by and for Isaiah Thomas. Sold at his bookstore

by Perry, William
Published 1796
at the press of Isaiah Thomas, by L. Worcester, for said Thomas. Sold in Worcester, by Thomas, Son & Thomas.--In Boston by Thomas & Andrews, D. West, E. Larkin, S. Hall, J. West and other booksellers.--In Baltimore, by Thomas, Andrews Butler.--In Albany, by Thomas, Andrews & Penniman

by Perry, William
Published 1798
Printed for J. Murray & S. Highley, No 32, Fleet Street; J. Scatchard, Ave Maria Lane; J. Walker, and T.N. Longman, Pater Noster Row; Vernor & Hood, Poultry Ogilvie & son, Holborn: and for bell and bradfute and J. Dickson, Edinburgh

by Perry, William
Published 1793
printed for and sold by Bell & Bradfute, and J. Dickson; and J. Murray, No. 32, Fleet-Street, London

by Perry, William
Published 1775
printed for the author, by David Willison; and sold by J. Wilkie, T. Evans, and J. Murray London; J. Bell, W. Creech, J. Dickson, C. Elliot, R. Jamieson, Edinburgh; Charnley, Newcastle; Etherington, York; Norton, Bristol; Frederick, Bath; and by the author

by Cohen, A.
Published 1971
Springer Netherlands

by Robbins, Alexander Henry
Published 1904
Central Law Journal Co

by Carr, Elizabeth Ball
Published 1972
University Press of Hawaii

by Perry, William
Published 1790
printed by Alexander Adam, for James Gillies, Bookseller above the Cross

by Perry, William
Published 1795
printed for John Stockdale, Piccadilly
...Royal standard English dictionary. Adaptations...

by Kohl, John R.
Published 2008
SAS Institute
Table of Contents: '; ...Introduction to global English -- Conforming to standard English -- Simplifying your writing style...