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by Dicerto, Sara
Published 2018
Palgrave Macmillan
Table of Contents: ...1: A New Model for Source Text Analysis -- 2: On the road to Multimodality: Semiotics -- 3...

by Hansen-Schirra, Silvia
Published 2017
Language Science Press
Subjects: ...Source text...

by Uwe Fleckner
Published 1996
Reimer Verlag
Subjects: ...source texts...

Published 2018
Fondazione Università Ca' Foscari
Subjects: ...,Source text,Central Asia,Ossetia,Caucasus,Confessional groups,Diplomacy,Chetagurov,Gaza,Carla Serena,Iron...

by Kagan, Vadim, Rossini, Edward, Sapounas, Demetrios
Published 2013
Springer New York
Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- Introduction to PTSD Signals -- Data Source -- Text Analytics -- Scoring Engine...

by Hutty, Roger
Published 1990
Macmillan Education UK
Table of Contents: ...Part 1 The nucleus and source text manipulation modules: COBOL programming fundamentals; data...

by Horral, Sarah M.
Published 1978
University of Ottawa Press
Table of Contents: ...Table of Contents; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Introduction to this Volume: Sources; Text; List...

by Young, J. E.
Published 2024
Palgrave Macmillan
Table of Contents: ...: Placing a Significant Source Text -- 6 The Frankenstein Trio: A Romantic Writing Methodology -- 7...

by Rosenberger, Michael
Published 2024
Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Table of Contents: ...) development of Christian animal ethics -- Source texts of the Church Fathers -- Literature -- Bible passages...

Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: ... of the English source texts -- Chapter 7. Revolution with a “Human” Face: A Corpus Approach to the Semantics...

by Kahn, Lily
Published 2017
UCL Press
Table of Contents: .... Salkinson's source text edition -- 4. This edition of Ithiel the Cushite of Venice and Ram and Jael -- 4.1...

by Walker, Callum
Published 2021
Springer International Publishing
... experience of a literary source text readers with readers of a translation at stylistically marked points...

by Thomas, Donald E., Moorby, Philip R.
Published 1998
Springer US
Table of Contents: ... -- Source Text -- Declarations -- Primitive Instances -- Module Instantiation -- UDP Declaration...

by Törnqvist, Egil
Published 2000
Amsterdam University Press
... chapters, the source text, various translations of it into English, the stage versions of Max Reinhardt...

by Törnqvist, Egil
Published 2000
Amsterdam University Press
... Törnqvist examines, in four chapters, the source text, various translations of it into English, the stage...

by Edited by Angie Abdou
Published 2018
Athabasca University Press
... readings of key works. Organized chronologically by source text, ranging from <em>Shoeless Joe</em> (1982...

by Nitzke, Jean
Published 2019
Language Science Press
... the translation of a source text unit is not immediately obvious to the translator, or in other words...

by Manigrasso, Leonardo
Published 2013
Firenze University Press
... of the same source text allows the reader to verify the multiple ways of implicit reading and rewriting during...

by Triplette, Stacey Elizabeth
Published 2018
Amsterdam University Press
..., harnessing the female characters of the source text to a variety of political and aesthetic purposes...

by Singer, Friedemann
Published 1988
Vieweg+Teubner Verlag
Table of Contents: ... -- 7.8 Source Text Manipulation -- 7.9 Kommunikation zwischen Einzelprogrammen -- 7.10 Exkurs...