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by Iczkovits, Yaniv
Published 2012
Palgrave Macmillan UK
... in his philosophical method, and allowing us to reframe traditional problems in moral philosophy...

by Anagnostopoulos, Georgios
Published 2011
Springer Netherlands
... of central themes in ancient philosophy, such as Socratic and Platonic conceptions of philosophical method...

by Postema, G.J.
Published 2011
Springer Netherlands
... 20th century, introduced rigorous philosophical method to English-speaking jurisprudence and offered a...

Published 2013
Springer Netherlands
..., including his work on philosophical method, the philosophy of mind and language, metaphysics, and value...

Published 2016
Springer International Publishing
... is to show that Ambient Intelligence is a boon to humanity with conceptual, philosophical, methodical...

by Juth, Niklas, Munthe, Christian
Published 2012
Springer Netherlands
...? These questions are addressed by applying philosophical methods of conceptual analysis, as well as models...