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by Dawes, Richard
Published 1750
printed in the year M.DCC.XLVII. By John White
Subjects: '; ...Philologists / Correspondence / Early works to 1800...

by Knorr, W.R.
Published 1989
Birkhäuser Boston
Table of Contents: '; ...Philologist, Heal Thy Text -- I Ancient Texts on Geometric Problems -- 1 The Hero-Apollonius Method...

by Wackernagel, Jacob
Published 2009
Oxford University Press
... and classical philologist Jacob Wackernagel offers an introduction not only to Greek, Latin, and comparative...

Published 2002
Palgrave Macmillan US
... [religion], knows none'. Though a German-born and German-educated philologist, he spent the greater part...

Published 2015
punctum books
...In June and July 2014, philologist Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei and photographer Marco Mazzi...

Published 2015
punctum books
...In June and July 2014, philologist Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei and photographer Marco Mazzi...

Published 1999
Springer Netherlands
... of the philologists' construction-based vision. Their image of language as a catalogue of independent constructions...

Published 1973
Springer Netherlands
... no longer expects Heidegger to interpret literature like a literary critic or an academic philologist...

Published 2010
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... and influence in Philosophy -- Browsing in a Renaissance Philologist’s Toolbox: Archimedes’ Rule -- The Mystery...

by Foster, Edith
Published 2012
Oxford University Press
... is considered, especially nowadays, by historians and philologists to be more significant than previously...

by Cleve, Felix M.
Published 1965
Springer Netherlands
... to become finally an almost exclusive domain of philologists. This has been happening not only because a...

by Ledgeway, Adam
Published 2012
Oxford University Press
..., structure, and variation, and will appeal to Romance linguists, Latinists, philologists, andhistorical...

by Massimo, Moneglia
Published 2005
Firenze University Press
... of the cultural heritage, more specifically that aspect of the heritage with which philologists and linguists...

by Ruppel, Antonia
Published 2013
Cambridge University Press
... reveals how ACs have been conceived of by grammarians, philologists and even Christian missionaries over...

Published 2012
Cambridge University Press
...This volume brings together archeologists, art historians, philologists, literary scholars...

by Momma, H.
Published 2013
Cambridge University Press
... languages and literatures. Focusing in detail on the work of key philologists in the nineteenth century...

by Giuffrè, Mauro
Published 2017
Springer International Publishing
... linguists, classicists, philologists and literary critics alike...

by McDonald, Grantley Robert
Published 2016
Cambridge University Press
... suspected the manuscript's authenticity. The resulting disputes, involving leading theologians, philologists...

Published 2004
Springer Netherlands
..., historians of philosophy, mathematicians, philologists, philosophers of science, archeologists etc. ), while...