by Gildenhard, Ingo
Published 2011
Open Book Publishers
... of this classic piece of writing by one of the world’s greatest orators. This particular passage is from...

Published 1987
Springer Netherlands
... Universities. He was a great leader, a perfect organizer, a clever negotiator, and a brilliant orator. In his...

by Spencer, K.A.
Published 1990
Springer Netherlands
... characteristic that led J. H. Fabre to elab­ have been tempting to draw far-reaching conclu­ orate the notion...

by Donath, Philipp B.
Published 2019
Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
... Bertel, Dr. Anne-Christin Gläß, Dr. Matthias Lukan, Dario Picecchi, Dr. Andreas Orator....

Published 1795
printed and sold by James Haly, bookseller, King's-Arms, Exchange

by Playford, Henry
Published 1719
printed by W. Pearson, for J. Tonson

Published 1746
printed for John White, at Charing-Cross; Henry Mason, at Temple-Bar; and are to be had at all other pamphlet shops in London and Westminster

by Foote, Samuel
Published 1797
printed for W. Lowndes and S. Bladon

Published 1974
Springer Netherlands
... have been elab­ orated which, in giving a more and more precise picture of the reaction process, have...

Published 2005
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... regarded as one of the most in?uential papers in computer science. To comm- orate it, an event...

by Gallie, R.D.
Published 1998
Springer Netherlands
... and delivered his seminal Latin Philosophical Orations...

by Foote, Samuel
Published 1782
printed for P. Vaillant, T. Lowndes, W. Nicoll, S. Bladon, T. Cadell, and G. Kearsley

by Blau, Robert
Published 1710
These rudiments with the four parts of grammar and rhetorick are printed at Edinburgh by the heirs and successors of Andrew Anderson, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, 1710. And are to be sold by Mr. Robert Blau the author, with his Orations and Locutions, at his Dwelling-House in the Castle-Hill

by Foote, Samuel
Published 1789
printed for J. F. and C. Rivington, R. Baldwin, T. Cadell, W. Lowndes and S. Bladon

by Foote, Samuel
Published 1776
printed for P. Vaillant, and T. Lowndes

by Henley, John
Published 1748
Dublin, printed: London, reprinted for Lilburn Shaftsbury, and may be had at all pamphlet shops, Webb, Lyon, Jefferies and Griffiths, near St. Paul's; Nutt, Cooke and Kingman, at the Royal Exchange; Corbet and Owen, in Fleet-street; Dodd and Brett in the Strand; Woodsall, Winbush and Amey, at Charing-Cross, and in the court of requests; Stagg and Fox in Westminster Hall, and Chapelle in Grosvennr-street