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Published 1997
Deutscher Universitätsverlag
Table of Contents: '; ...Nationen, Rassen, Ethnien -- VI. Das Konzept “Nation” in den gesellschaftlichen Diskursen -- VII...

by Klöcker, Philipp
Published 2015
Springer International Publishing
...This monograph discusses challenges faced during the implementation of national eHealth programs...

by Bell, John
Published 1790

by Schwanfelder, Werner
Published 1987
Gabler Verlag

by Massie, Joseph
Published 1760
printed for T. Payne, in Castle-Street, Charing-Cross; sold by W. Owen, at Temple-Bar; and C. Henderson, under the Royal-Exchange

by Prins, C. F. L.
Published 1982
Springer Netherlands
... the auspices of the Timber Committee, a subsidiary body of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe...

Published 1984
Springer Netherlands
... and developing nations, are indications of the problems, chal­ lenges, and opportunities confronting future...

Published 1986
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ...National Labor Relations Board -- National Mediation Board -- National Science Foundation...

Published 1997
Deutscher Universitätsverlag
Table of Contents: '; ...Liberalismus und Sandino. “Volks-Nation” oder “Staats-Nation”? -- 1. Artikulationsweisen des...

by Hansen, Niles, Higgins, Benjamin, Savoie, Donald J.
Published 1990
Springer US
Table of Contents: '; ... in the United States -- Regional Development Policy -- Integration of National and Regional Policy -- Regional...

Published 1996
Deutscher Universitätsverlag
Table of Contents: '; ... Entwicklung -- III. “nation/Nation/narod” als Klammer ftlr die Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftsstile -- B...

by Rehman, Scheherazade S.
Published 1997
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... Constraints -- The EU Common Budget and the EMU -- The Role of National Fiscal Policies in the EMU...

by Hodges, Luther Hartwell
Published 1966
Gabler Verlag
Table of Contents: '; .... Geschäft und Nation -- 4. Geschäft und Allgemeinheit -- 5. Die Moral des anständigen Wettbewerbs -- 6. Die...