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by Cheng, William
Published 2016
University of Michigan Press
Subjects: '; ...Musicologists...

by Kunst, Jaap
Published 1955
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ...Manual for ethno-musicologists -- Illustrations -- Index of subjects -- Index of peoples...

by Kerman, Joseph
Published 2015
University of California Press
... and world-famous virtuosi alike. In a series of elegantly written essays, eminent musicologist Joseph Kerman...

by Gardner, Robert
Published 2005
Studio 7 Arts
... and show the film Dance and human history. Alan Lomax spent over six decades working as a musicologist...

by Kuhn, Laura Diane
Published 2001
Schirmer Reference
Table of Contents: '; ... International Congress of Composers and Musicologists in Prague, 29 May 1948 -- Declaration Made by Nikita...

by Fulcher, Jane F.
Published 2011
Oxford University Press
... historians and musicologists, in their quest to grasp the realms of human experience understanding...

Published 2004
Springer New York
..., financial mathematicians, musicologists, and researchers and professionals who must analyze massive time...

Published 2013
Oxford University Press
... music and emotion, bringing together contributions from psychologists, neuroscientists musicologists...

Published 1992
Springer Netherlands
.... This book will be of interest to musicologists, historians of science and those interested...

Published 2010
De Gruyter
... literary tradition. The volume encompasses articles by historians and musicologists as well as literary...

Published 2007
Springer London

by Chakraborty, Soubhik, Mazzola, Guerino, Tewari, Swarima, Patra, Moujhuri
Published 2014
Springer International Publishing
... will be of interest to musicians and musicologists, particularly those engaged with Indian music...

by Noble, Alistair
Published 2009
ANU Press
..., musicologists and sound artists working within areas of music, cultural studies, media studies and social...

by Range, Matthias
Published 2012
Cambridge University Press
... is an invaluable resource not only for musicologists and historians, but also for performers, providing a...

Published 2019
Springer International Publishing
... as an interdisciplinary approach. Ethnomusicologists, music and computer scientists, systematic musicologists as well...

by Bader, Rolf
Published 2005
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
.... Also musicologists, musicians or instrument builders can find explanations and may also be inspired...

by Boenn, Georg
Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
... lead to the development of a new shorthand notation that will be useful for musicologists and composers...

by de Assis, Paulo
Published 2018
Leuven University Press
... of Experimentation is compelling reading for music performers, composers, musicologists, philosophers and artist...

by Schmidt, Sebastian
Published 2016
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden
... researcher, systematic musicologists, educational psychologists, and creativity researcher About the Author...

by Ghosh, Dipak, Sengupta, Ranjan, Sanyal, Shankha, Banerjee, Archi
Published 2018
Springer Singapore
... classical music that have been long been a source of discussion for musicologists and psychologists. Using...