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Published 2011
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

by Harvey, Mark O.
Published 2012
OECD Publishing
...Mathematical optimisation models, supported by suitable data, can assist decision making about...

by Verma, Ram U.
Published 2017
Springer Singapore
... matter of fact, in mathematical optimisation programs, a fractional programming (or program) is a...

Published 2006
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... on Mathematical Optimisation -- Forms of Participation in Urban Redevelopment Projects -- The Neighbourhood Wizard...

by Schütze, Manfred, Butler, David, Beck, Bruce M.
Published 2002
Springer London
Table of Contents: '; ....5 Mathematical Optimisation Techniques -- 2.6 Conclusion -- 3. Development of the Integrated Simulation...

by Engel, Konrad
Published 1997
Cambridge University Press
.... Researchers and graduate students in discrete mathematics, optimisation, algebra, probability theory, number...