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by Esposito, Giampiero
Published 1994
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... Gravity -- Perturbative Quantum Gravity -- One-Loop Quantum Cosmology -- Global Boundary Conditions...

by Esposito, Giampiero
Published 1998
Cambridge University Press
... boundary conditions; one-loop quantum cosmology; conformally covariant operators; and the role of the Dirac...

by Esposito, Giampiero
Published 1992
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
...-loop quantum cosmology. The motivation is to understand whether supersymmetric theories are one-loop...

by Hinterberger, Norbert Hermann
Published 2016
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... physikalischen Kosmologie ab. Dazu werden die Falsifizierbarkeit der Loop Quantum Cosmology (einer stark...

Published 2016
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: '; ... -- Christian Fleischhack.Kinematical Foundations of Loop Quantum Cosmology -- Gerhard Börner.Cosmic Puzzles...

Published 2014
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: '; ...Signature Change in Loop Quantum Cosmology -- Quantum Fields in Gravity -- Classical and Quantum...

Published 2009
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... -- Mathematical Issues in Loop Quantum Cosmology -- Boundary Effects on the Interface Dynamics for the Stochastic...