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The ladies astronomy and chronology, in four parts : Viz. I. A short and easy Explanation of the real Nature and Causes of the Phanomena of the Celestial Lights. The Occasion of the Eclipses, and Reason of the Tides, the Terrestrial and Celestial Spheres. And the Machine called the Assimilo, explained. Beginning at Page 13. II. The Ptolemaic System explained; the Reasons of Days and Nights; their Increase, and Decrease; the different Seasons, viz. Summer and Winter, Heat and Cold, the Moon's Increase and Decrease; the Solar and Lunar Eclipses; and when they happen: All demonstrated by the Assimilo. Beginning at Page 32. III. The Copernican System explained, and all the fore-mention'd Particulars demonstrated, according to that System, by the Assimilo; and proved, though the Sun be nearer to us in Winter than in Summer, that will not Counter-Change the Seasons, as many apprehend. Beginning at Page 55. IV. The Elements of Chronology explained, viz. Kalendars, Cycles, and Periods, and how to find all the Particulars generally taken Notice of in the Almanacks: And solved the most useful Problems in Navigation, and Astronomy; and shewn how to find the Variation of the Magnetical Compass, and the Latitude by Observation: and likewise explained the System of the Planets and Comets, and demonstrated them by the Assimilo; which performs every Thing that can be done by the common artificial Globes. As well as the Demonstration of both the Ptolemaic and Copernican Systems; Beginning at Page 83. This Book was composed, and the Assimilo invented and contrived in the Year 1734. By Jasper Charlton, Officer of the Customs at Gainsborough in the County of Lincoln; And published by Authority of the King's Royal Order for Letters Patent, for the Term of Fourteen Years
by Charlton, Jasper
Published 1735
printed by Thomas Gardner in Bartholomew-Close, for the author; and sold, either with or without the Assimilo, by John Whiston, at Boyle's-Head, near Water-Lane, Fleet-Street ; and by Thomas Scadlethorp, Bookseller at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire